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All Time All Star Negro League Lineup
All Time All Star Negro League Lineup
The above Fine Art Poster depicts a fantasy assemblage of the greatest Negro League players of all time in Old Comiskey Park, site of the great black all star games of yesteryear. From left to right, listed with the team and year of uniform worn, they are as follows:

Ray Dandridge 3b, Newark Eagles 1941home "The greatest third baseman never to make the major leagues," Ray played for the New York Giants triple A affiliate for years at the end of his career, never to be called up to the majors. Posessing quick, velvety hands, he also had a powerful arm, and was able to play second base and shortstop as well.

Walter "Buck" Leonard 1b, Homestead Grays 1938 home Named to a record eleven East-West All Star games. Buck was an outstanding fielder, and a screaming line drive hitter, often hitting the ball over the fences as well as off them. Together with Josh Gibson, they were known as the "Thunder Twins," and were the greatest power duo in Negro League history.

Henry "Pop" Lloyd SS, New York Lincoln Giants 1912 home and road Called the black Honus Wagner, the Dutchman himself remarked, "I am honored that they would name such a great player after me." A specialist of "inside baseball," Lloyd was a complete ballplayer and known for his clutch power hitting abilities. Babe Ruth called him the greatest baseball player of all time.

"Willie" Foster Lhp, Chicago American Giants 1936 road Rube Foster, his older half brother, tried to steer his younger sibling away from the game. Bill returned the "favor" by becoming the greatest lefthander in the history of the Negro Leagues.

Andrew "Rube" Foster M, Chicago American Giants 1919 home The father of the Negro Leagues. Through the force of his dictatorial personality and sheer physical presence, in 1920 he singlehandedly created the first organization of black teams, the Negro National League.

Leroy "Satchel" Paige Rhp, Trujillo All-Stars 1937 Everything he said is true, and if it isn't, you've got to give him credit for making it up.

Martin Dihigo 2b, Cuban Stars (East) 1927 Home and Road The most versatile man ever to play the game of baseball. He is the only member of the Cuban, Mexican, and American Baseball Halls of Fame.

Oscar Charleston Of, Indianapolis ABC's 1922 home and road His slugging power was compared to Babe Ruth's, his base running to Ty Cobb's, and his centerfield play to that of Tris Speaker. John McGraw is quoted as saying, "If only I could calcimine him."

"Josh" Gibson C, Pittsburgh Crawfords 1928 home The only man ever to hit a fair ball out of Yankee Stadium. 'Nuff said.

James "Cool Papa" Bell Of, St. Louis Stars 1929 home and road The fastest man in the history of baseball, Bell was so fast olympian Jesse Owens refused to race him without his track spikes on. The ideal leadoff hitter.

Christobal Torriente Of, Chicago American Giants 1921 road Not only could "the Cuban Strongman" play outstanding rightfield and hit with incredible power, he also compiled a lifetime 15-5 pitching record. Jose Conseco eat your heart out.

Title: All Time All Star Negro League Lineup
Artist: Jeff Suntala
Type: Fine Art Poster
Dimensions: Paper Size 24" x 36"
Item Number: BBBD102JS-PO

Price: $30.00


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